Why we do what we do

The status quo in mental healthcare delivery is not working.

Better Care

We need better care for patients, and a better way for clinicians to meet the growing needs. With kindness, compassion, and cutting-edge tech, Brightlight Health is using advanced AI to assess patients earlier, build notes better, and get people to the help they need sooner than ever before.

Supporting Clinicians

We are clinicians too, and we know that better care begins with supporting clinicians in any and every way possible.

  • Getting a full patient history before clinical visits via conversational chatbot – YES!
  • Summarizing the full clinical encounter with an AI scribe – YES!
  • Outputting a clinical encounter into a standard or customized template – YES!
  • Bringing all the relevant information together in an AI embedded EHR – YES!
  • Monitor symptoms in a smart journal for an easy visual of clinical change overtime – YES!
  • Accessible team excited to take on the dynamic world of health care tech – Absolutely!