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Brightlight Scribe

Your personal clinical assistant

An AI ambient scribe created by clinicians for clinicians


Skip the paperwork, prioritize your patients.

Experience industry-leading transcription and summarization of clinical visits. Let AI streamline your workflow and eliminate the burden of paperwork.

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Real time visit transcription

Capture every detail with real-time transcription during your appointments, ensuring accurate and immediate documentation without interrupting your consultations.

Auto-generated notes

Eliminate manual note-taking with our AI's lightning-fast and accurate note generation, providing you with precise and comprehensive documentation in seconds.

Letter exports in any format

Easily export your notes in any required letter format, ensuring your documents are ready for referrals, billing, or insurance purposes with professional standards.


HIPPA and PIPEDA compliant

Processing medical encounters is highly sensitive. That's why Brightlight Scribe is shielded by top-tier privacy standards to keep your data secure.

HIPPA Compliant

BrightLight Scribe ensures the highest level of data protection and patient confidentiality, meeting all U.S. regulatory standards.

PIPEDA Compliant

BrightLight Scribe adheres to stringent privacy regulations to protect patient data and maintain confidentiality in accordance with Canadian law.

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Unlimited daily uses
Custom letter exports
Custom note style templates
Transcription (in-person & remote)
Priority support
Ambient scribes (in-person & remote)
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a specific question, feel free to reach out to us at

What is an AI Scribe?
The Brightlight Scribe is a cutting-edge AI software that allows clinicians to capture the audio of patient interactions and transform it into a medical note. These notes can be exported into various templates and easily integrated into an EMR, saving clinicians up to 2 hours a day on charting.
Who should use an AI Scribe
Any clinician who interacts with patients and needs to document the encounter will benefit from AI-created notes. Brightlight Scribe is designed for multiple types of physicians but is easily usable by anyone working in healthcare.
What are the benefits of a Brightlight Scribe?
- Accuracy: Creates a written record from recorded consultations for precise data collection.
- Efficiency: Reduces the need for manual typing or outsourcing transcription, saving time.
- Cost Savings: Lowers transcription costs once the AI tool is factored in.
- Security: Provides encryption and redaction to protect patient information.
- Reduced Litigation Risk: Ensures accurate consultation notes, minimizing legal risks.
- Patient Satisfaction: Offers real-time consultation records, allowing the clinician to focus on the patient instead of the computer.
Can I scribe a virtual or in-person interaction?
Yes, Brightlight supports both virtual and in-person interactions. See the instructional tutorial videos for more information on how to use the scribe.
Can I have a customized output template for my note?
Absolutely. If our multiple standard templates don’t suit your needs, you can use our custom template build tool with assistance from one of our physician advisors.
Can I edit my note after it’s complete?
Yes, you can edit the text of your note just like any text in a word document or email. You can also export your note into a different template if you change your mind about its appearance.
Are Brightlight notes safe and secure?
Brightlight is HIPPA & PIPEDA compliant, meeting the required safety standards for health data in the U.S. & Canada. For added security, clinicians do not have to input patient demographics into the AI scribed note, and notes can be deleted once they have been copy/pasted into the EMR.
Where is my data stored?
Your data is securely stored in the U.S. or Canada depending on your jurisdiction, complying with HIPPA & PIPEDA standards, and ensuring maximum data safety.
Who has access to the consult information?
No one else has access. Only you will receive the clinical notes generated from the recording.
What are the medico-legal risks to be aware of?
- Accuracy of Notes: The clinician is responsible for the accuracy of the medical record from each consultation. Any AI-generated patient notes must be reviewed and edited, if necessary, before being entered into the clinical record. This is no different than a doctor being responsible for the accuracy of dictated notes written out by transcriptionists.
- Consent: Consent should be obtained from the patient before recording, and this should be documented in the medical record. More information can be found here:
CMPA: AI Scribes - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions